Sunday 31 March 2013

We Have Big News!

No, we're not expecting another baby!!

We have decided to travel to Romania this summer to volunteer with Purtatorii de Faclie, the Torchbearers International Centre there.  We have always known that living outside of Canada for a time is something that could be in our future. The purpose of this trip is to see whether or not working with this organization is something we could actually see ourselves doing. There are many things about the work they do that makes it seem like a good fit for us (wilderness ministry, ski and snowboard camps, outdoor programs, cross-cultural ministry, etc.), but deciding to move our family to the other side of the world, even for a time, is a pretty huge decision! This summer we hope to love and to serve the Romanian people and have a rich and stretching experience as a family, but we also hope to gain some clarity around whether or not this is something God might have planned for our future.

While we were living in Austria (10 years ago now! Wow, time flies!) we had the opportunity to take part in a short-term missions trip to Romania. On this trip we volunteered in an orphanage, put on a 'Vacation Bible School' program at an elementary school, and worked with a mission to deliver food and clothing to families living in very remote areas. We also had the opportunity to play and sing songs in a remote Roma village church...they sure out-sang us!!

Our group in Romania (Jerry is in the front with the grey and red jacket, Chrissie is in the yellow jacket)
Wow, do we ever look young in this picture! Yikes!
We hope you will pray for us and read all about our experiences leading up to and on our trip. And any advice you have about crossing oceans and time zones with an 11-month-old would sure be helpful! We're already anticipating the challenge that will be!

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