Friday 17 May 2013

Strollers, Cribs and Passports...oh my!

We've been going back and forth in our decision to bring a stroller with us on our trip this summer. On one hand, a carrier and a stroller seems like overkill since we're trying to be as 'minimalist' as possible. On the other hand, you just can't beat the convenience of a stroller, especially if you're staying in one place for awhile (we are). After lots of research and careful budgeting we decided on the Chicco CT 0.6. It weighs under 11 pounds, folds fairly small and comes with its own carry bag. It also reclines (in case Baby M needs a nap) and has a pretty substantial sunshade. There are definitely better umbrella strollers on the market (Maclaren, UppaBaby G-Luxe, to name a few) but at a much higher price point. The Chicco was the best we could find at the price we were willing to pay, and it hit all the points on our must-have list: sunshade, reclining, ultra lightweight, folds small, proper handle height, basket, suspension, and wheels that can handle cobblestone. And we even got it on sale!!

our Chicco CT 0.6's maiden voyage

making sure it can handle rough terrain (our front yard)

We also tested out the Phil & Teds Traveller portable crib for the first time last weekend. We are impressed with its size for something that packs down so small, however it just doesn't have the easy set-up that other more bulky portable cribs actually have to connect the legs together in the same way as setting up a tent. Good thing we have lots of experience with that!
The set up isn't really that big a deal since it takes Jerry less than 5 minutes to set it up from start to finish. Baby M slept pretty well in it and seemed to like the self-inflating mattress (similar to a Thermarest).

the travel crib set up in our living room

We applied for a passport for Miriam several weeks ago and haven't received it yet, which is a little surprising given the stories we hear about others receiving theirs in a week or two weeks. We're praying it comes soon!!

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