Friday 26 July 2013

Teen Camp and Saying Goodbye

We've been having an awesome week at the Tenirii Exploratori camp. We've met some new Romanian friends and enjoyed spending time with our "old" Romanian friends too!

This is Florin's wife Dana and their son David (3 years old). He's enamoured with Miriam and even gave her a birthday kiss on the cheek yesterday:

This is the other Deborah...yes there are lots of repeated names here! We've had fun making music with her while we've been here:

This is our friend Lisa from Germany. She's a short term volunteer here and babysat Miriam for us last night so we could go into Brasov for dinner with Ebbe and Elke. Luckily for her, Miriam was sound asleep the whole time we were gone but we still paid her for her time with Milka bars:

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of our time out last night because we forgot to bring our camera! Ebbe and Elke took us to Sergiano's, a restaurant built in the cellar of a very old building. It was a beautiful, somewhat upscale place that served very Eastern European and Romanian food. Going out to eat here is very inexpensive: the bill for all four of our dinners, drinks and desserts was 155 Lei or approximately 49 Canadian dollars. Not bad!

We ate most of our meals in the big tent with the teenagers this week. This is how we got to know some of the kids:

L-R Jerry, Deborah, Lisa, and Dorothy (one of the campers this week)

L-R Stefan, George, Mary (Deborah's little sister), and me

Feeding Miriam in the big tent was always a challenge because she became very distracted by all the noise and attention from the campers:

Jerry also helped out in the camp this week by joining the music team. He played guitar sometimes and others he played the Cajon:

(Jerry's in the back in the blue t-shirt in the picture above)

One of the most common sights on the table here:

Delma is a Romanian margarine. Because the Romanians feel that butter is expensive here they just don't buy it and opt for whatever's cheapest.

Miriam loved all the bread that is served in Romania. We got a little tired of white bread with every meal but I don't think she did:

I've also enjoyed spending time with the kitchen staff this week:

L-R Elke, Denisa, Dana, Rebecca (Deborah's older sister) and Deborah

We've started to say goodbye to our friends here because today we catch a train to Bucharest to start our journey home.We are sad to be leaving everyone here and this has been such a great experience of us. At the same time we are also looking forward to sleeping in our own bed again and regaining some privacy that we've been missing these last few weeks. Because our flight to Frankfurt tomorrow leaves at 6am we will be staying at a hotel near the airport in Bucharest tonight. We'll try to update again as WiFi is available. See you all soon!

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