Saturday 16 July 2016

We are Torchbearers

Hi friends!

We have a quick update for you today, including a support-raising update as well as a recap of our weekend at the Torchbearers Tour that came through Winnipeg.

We had an AMAZING weekend at the Torchbearers Tour 2016 this weekend!!  This is the first time that the tour has come through Winnipeg, and it was a great time of connecting with Torchbearers International staff and former students of many of the centres around the world. Jerry was able to speak at the conference and share all about the ministry of PDF, and the response to what he shared was remarkable. It is clear that God is blessing the ministry of the Romania Torchbearers centre and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of it.

Many of you might not be familiar with the ministry of Torchbearers International; they exist to make disciples - Dave Firth, the director of the Business Ministry Leadership (BML) program at Capernwray New Zealand put it something like this: Torchbearers exists to lead people into a closer fellowship with Jesus Christ so that they then can turn around and lead more people into a closer fellowship with Jesus Christ also. Their ministry of discipleship is powerful and effective and they are doing the work of The Great Commission in a wonderful way. We would strongly encourage you to check out the Torchbearers International website where you can read all about their programs happening in 20 countries, at 25 centres worldwide.

“Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His church worldwide.”

- Torchbearers International

Another highlight of the weekend was going for lunch at Stella's with Chris Thomas, the son of Major Ian Thomas (the founder of Torchbearers International) and the current director of Torchbearers International. Neither of us had met Chris Thomas before and so it was wonderful to hear his stories of other Torchbearers staff we know and to share with him a little bit about us and how God has brought us to this place in our life. It was also great to hear about his experiences at PDF as he's been there many times and knows Ebbe (the director at PDF), and to be affirmed in the reasons we believe God is calling us to this ministry.

One thing that stood out to us this weekend was something all the Torchbearers staff we met have in common: they all have an extremely genuine faith rooted in Truth and characterized by an unmistakable, unashamed passion for Jesus Christ and sharing Him with others. It was so refreshing just to be around these leaders and we can't wait to serve alongside them and other leaders like them at PDF.

After all the tough stuff we've been slugging through lately with our preparations to leave, this weekend was a breath of fresh air. It reminded us just how awesome it is that God has called us to this! Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed we feel thankful and excited and humbled that God has called us to be Torchbearers!

Fundraising Update:

We are excited to report that there has been some action on the support-raising front since we last gave you an update! Here's a snapshot of the thermometer showing our current support amounts and pledges:

We're so thankful for how God is providing our monthly support needs, and we're so thankful for your generosity in supporting us. Since our last update we've had not one, but TWO people who don't even know us pledge to partner with us as monthly ministry supporters! It's almost unbelievable how God works when you put your trust in Him for provision, and we have no doubt that He'll continue to provide for us.

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If you'd like to view our ministry budget, you can do that HERE.

Please continue to pray...

- and thank God for his provision through our monthly supporters and everyone who has given a one-time donation! We are so thankful for how He is providing and for all the amazing people He has surrounded us with, even those we've never met!
- and thank God for the ministry he's preparing for us! We're so excited to begin working with Torchbearers at PDF and to experience all God has for us there.
- Please pray for students to sign up for the bible school at PDF this spring! We can't run the bible school with fewer than 10 students, so we're trusting God to bring the students He wants to participate in the program.
- Please pray for our kids. Specifically for how they're coping emotionally with all the change in their lives and for a meaningful last few weeks in Canada with friends and family.
- Please pray for our financial needs. We see God working in providing support for us and we're so thankful for
- Please pray for buyers for our 2 vehicles. We really need to sell both our van and Jerry's truck before we go so we can buy a vehicle as soon as possible after our arrival in Romania.
- Please pray for reliable renters for our house. Our house has been advertised for rent and we're praying that God would provide renters for August 1st so that Jerry's able to take some time off work before we leave. 

We need:

- Of course, we are still in need of monthly financial support and one-time donations. All information on how to donate is HERE.

- Buyers for our vehicles! If you are in the market for a 2005 Toyota Sienna Minivan or a 2008 Nissan Titan Long-Box Pickup Truck or know someone who is, please EMAIL US!

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That's all for now, friends! We'll have another update for you later this week!


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