Thursday 4 August 2016

Preparation Prayer Requests

Hi Friends,

We just have a short update for you today, including some items for prayer. We leave for Romania in just over one week and there is so much that's happening before we go.

Jerry travels to Vancouver this Friday to speak about the bible school at PDF at the Torchbearer's Conference in Abbotsford, and to visit two churches on Vancouver Island to speak about our upcoming ministry in Romania and hopefully do some support-raising. He'll be away for 4 days, which will be full of last-minute visits with friends for the girls and I, and lots of packing (and laundry...).

After he returns we'll be wrapping up last minute details and spending quality time with our family and friends.

Prayer Requests:

-  Please pray for Jerry's back. He struggled with back issues for several years but he hasn't had any back pain in over 5 years. His back pain returned a few weeks ago and he's finding no relief, which is making our preparations even more of a struggle.

- Please pray for our 2 vehicles to sell.  We really need to sell both our van and Jerry's truck before we go so we can buy a vehicle as soon as possible after our arrival in Romania.

- Please pray for a fruitful time for Jerry in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, that God would provide many more supporters for us and people who will commit to praying for us regularly.

- Please pray for our financial support situation! We are still in need of monthly supporters to help us meet our financial support goal and at 1 week away from our departure we're still about $600-$1000/month short.

- Please pray for our financial situation, specifically with regards to paying taxes and preparing for the financial changes and added costs that come with living in another country, that God would prepare us for these changes and help us making sound decisions.

- Please pray for students to sign up for the bible school at PDF this spring! There are already 3 students who are very interested in attending, and we can't run the bible school with fewer than 10 students so we're trusting God to bring the students He wants to participate in the program.

- Please pray for protection for our children as we travel and adjust to a new place, and for how they're coping emotionally with all the change in their lives.

Of course, we are still in need of monthly financial support and one-time donations. All information on how to donate is HERE.

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